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  Submission Guidelines

this is the most unFUN thing we have to do

We accept work on a chaotic, rolling deadline (we’ll still post deadlines anyway; more for us less for you). Please e-mail work to us in a readable, accessible file format (Word preferably) to thefunournal@hotmail.com. If we “like” you enough, we’ll ask for a bio; if you send one ahead of time, we reserve the right to disregard your work, and possibly mock you. That’s unlikely. But we have a strict submission guideline for author bios; and it’s likely you’re unfamiliar with our pretentious requirements.

We also looking for UNPUBLISHED work only. We don’t mind if after you send that stuff out to other places after we publish your goodness, but we want to say we got there first...we are selfish gods/goddesses. While we can (and will) say we don’t take simultaneous submissions, we’re more than certain there’s a handful of you jacklegs out there who will do this anyway.

When sending us an e-mail submission, in the subject line please write: Dear The FUN Journal, Please Love Me!

In the body of your e-mail submission please provide a name we can attribute to your work and an e-mail address we can contact you at. If we need a phone number and addy we’ll ask; don’t worry your pretty, little head. Also inform us if you want your work to be considered Fiction, Poetry, or Other. And, don’t forget to attach the files of your work...we so hate double e-mails with apologies of forgetfulness...you’d think people would stop doing that but no dice.

Do not send us paper copies and/or a SASE since we work out of a crappy studio apartment. We will respond to your e-mail submission as we see fit. Feel free to inquire with us after eight business days. That’s M-F. Because we work in an office...the size of a studio apartment.

Fiction Submissions:

We take fiction, flash fiction, micro fiction, short fiction, and, if you’re really daring, chapter excerpts (IFFF any rando rando from off the street can tell what’s going on without you providing a background). Fiction related items should be no less than 50 words and no more than 15,000 words or 20-25 pages. If it’s more than 25 pages it better be pretty amazing. Like Pulitzer amazing. Please submit in a readable font, 12 pt size, double-spaced, with page numbers and a title. Work without a title will not be accepted.

Poetry Submissions:

We take all types of poetic forms and free verse (which really is a poetic form). Poetic related items should come in sets (even if unrelated) of no less than 3 and no more than 5 although we’re prolly going to publish only 1. We’re not picky about line length, yet please let us know if your poetry continues onto the next page. Concrete poetry will be mocked. Please submit in a readable font, although, we know you poets want to twist and subvert that stuff to be more artistic so please just make sure we won’t go blind reading it. Work without a title will not be accepted; this includes poetry titled “Untitled.” If you submit it, and we like, we’ll probably ask you to provide a title. Or we’ll make one up.

Other Submissions:

We take non-fiction, essay, super-short plays (under 20 pages), super-short screenplays (under 20 pages), artwork (attached as a jpeg or gif file), and hybrid (but you have to justify to us your hybrid’s existence). Please submit in a readable font, and follow whatever formatting guidelines are particular to your genre. Work without a title will not be accepted.

Send submissions to thefunjournal@hotmail.com


2010 Volume 1 Issue 2