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What is it?

Future Leaders of Student Affairs (FLSA) started in the spring of 2004 at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in order help prepare undergraduate students who were job searching for the Oshkosh Placement Exchange (OPE).  Since then it has grown to become a bi-weekly “class” for students and professionals who are interested in going into the field of student affairs.  There are two tracks (Exploration and Searching) for FLSA which contain different goals and outcomes.  Click the History Link for a more detailed history of FLSA.



FLSA Exploration Track

This set of classes focuses on activities, discussions, “lectures”, roundtables, and readings which explain and explore many of the professional aspects of student affairs.  The information for this class covers similar information which graduates get in an actual 3 (or more) credit course for higher education.  ALL the students of FLSA are encouraged to attend this session since its applicable and informative to all, no matter what your experience.




FLSA Searching Track:

This is a collection of classes for those students (undergraduate, graduate or professional) who are planning on job searching for the year.  The focus of these classes is about getting those students prepared for upcoming job search conferences (OPE, ACPA, NASPA, etc.).  If students are not job searching during the year they are more than welcome to attend and familiarize themselves with the process ahead of time.








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