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School Name: Northern Kentucky University

Contact Name: Bethany Kilgore

E-mail: kilgoreb@nku.edu


News about NKU’s Chapter:

Bethany received a grant for additional funding for their FLSA Chapter, which included having refreshments during their Student Affairs Panel.  She also collected a list of questions the students asked the professionals on the panel.  Their chapter has also decided to have a graduation ceremony at the end of the year.  Good work Bethany and Northern Kentucky, keep it up!



School Name: Syracuse University

Contact Name: Shannon Cross

E-mail: sncross@syr.edu


News about Syracuse’s Chapter:

They started a mentor program where they assign a current student affairs person to mentor a FLSA student. The president of ACPA works at Syracuse (Jeanne Steffes) and she talked with the students at a previous meeting along with having a pizza party...Jeanne is very excited about what they’re accomplishing at Syracuse with their students.



School Name: University of Colorado

Contact Name: Ryan Mouncey

E-mail: ryan.mouncey@colorado.edu


News about Colorado’s Chapter:

Colorado has had about 8-10 participants at their sessions, and are doing very well.  We thank them for helping student affairs ‘grow better corn.’



School Name: University of Wisconsin La Crosse

Contact Name: Ryan Bronkema

E-mail: Bronkema.ryan@uwlax.edu


News about Syracuse’s Chapter:

Ryan Bronkema has been a long time supporter of FLSA related events and has worked with the UW La Crosse students on an informal basis since the department has had similar support structures in place already.  Good job Ryan, keep spreading hope!








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